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Coming in HOT, and setting the bar VERY high,

I'm happy to introduce:

Ian E Fults, creator of


"An ELF from the world of AMZUL searches Earth for MANNA to help save it.

But the EVIL LICH is not far behind. "

Creator/writer/letterer IAN FULTS


Interior Colorist MARIE KERNS

Cover Colorist TIFFANY LEI

Staking claim of the #2 slot in our inaugural anthology, I'm proud to introduce:

Sean Sullivan, creator of


"A low brow type of mouse cartoon character who is struggling with his life and daughter."



"Comics combine my love for art direction and my writing skills. Creating art has always been enjoyable for me. I began working in New York City as an art director in 1994. I’ve worked with and learned from many other top artists, writers, and photographers over the years. In 2014 I began writing original screenplays with the Jacob Krueger Writing Studio. In 2018 I started working with comic creator and illustrator Josh Bayer at the 92Y crafting my cartoon skills. Recently, I worked with comic legend Ron Marz and learned Jim Starlings comic writing style to craft Misdemeanor Mouse. I wanted a style retro to the early days of comics. I hired Italian comic illustrator Quello Nuovo who really brought this concept to life. I hope you enjoy this funny and interestingly styled comic."

Coming to us at slot #3,

It's a pleasure to introduce:

Mike Jimmy de Bruin, creator of


"Life On Cora is a series of short stories following creatures on an improbable world of blue, green, and purples. From fluffy creatures playing drums, to hive mind rock people breaking off of a mountain like ants from a hill, every story holds a new adventure with beautiful visuals and creative designs."

"Faeries and Ents is a small publisher from the Netherlands. Mike Jimmy de Bruin, its owner, has been making comics for 3 years now. Together with Martin Fisher and Kimberly Kovac as the writers and Eristeine as the colorist, our goal is too blow readers away with warming stories in bright and colorful worlds."

Slot #4 has officially been claimed by the talented and mysterious:

Just-Swamp, creator of


"Millennia after colonizing Mars, humanity has forgotten its origins and survives scattered into small, conflicting tribes. It's the awakening of an ancient threat that pushes them into action. Our heroes find many mystical treasures in their quest, but the most precious asset they have in front of the encroaching darkness, is their alliance, their unity. "

Closing out our very special Inaugural First Indie Anthology Book, Slot #5 officially belongs to:

Veronica Johnson, creator of


"The Murder Police (Sherlock Jr and Oswald) are hitmen who have been hired to kill a troublesome vampire who's attempting to poison the city."

"Written and drawn by Veronica Johnson, an 18 year old comic artist who likes drawing silly hats."

Book one is full!

But submissions are ALWAYS open here!

We now have our first entry for our 2nd issue of the Tiny Power Indie Comics Anthology! Proudly hailing from Canada, I'm happy to introduce:

Chris Barnes, creator of


"Jago and Annia are set out to investigate a meteor strike that could turn thefate of the galaxy on its end. Their rivals the Lacertus are in the midst of a plot to overthrow the Federation that keeps the peace.

Can these two Federation soldiers save the galaxy?Not without some help along the way! "

Chris Barnes is a storyteller based in Nova Scotia, Canada. In 2016 Omega Squad was born and has since generated three graphic novels!

Making their comic debut right here! Tiny Power Comics welcomes our 2nd entry to the Indie Anthology #2:

Josh Johnson, creator of


"World War I battle involving supernatural forces."

Josh Johnson - Creator/Artist

Derek Fennell - Assistant Story Writer

Landing 1 spot shy of a good pun, at #3 we have this endearing and gross comic from:

Hsiao Jung Chang, creator of


"One day,

my shit is alive...

Oh my god!

It looks just like myself...

How can I deal with this shit?"

"2018 JIA illustration award | Excellent Prize (I don't wanna take a bath)

2019 Taiwan Top Star Award | Golden Prize (I don't wanna take a bath) "

For our 4th entry, we have a very special story. This comic has been in the works for over 20 years. Here to show us how they do comics in Honduras, I'm excited to introduce:

Omar Eleazar Carias Mejia, creator of


"An epic journey to discover the essence of our existence."

"Balec is an explorer who has been assigned a mission, the task will not be easy. Some things will get out of control and he will be forced to cover a sentence resulting from his actions."

This story was originally written in spanish but will be printed in english for our anthology.

The original spanish version is available from or you can click the Amazon button below.

Ian Fults & his team are back with the 1st issue of their comic The Manna Chronicles finished and the 2nd on the way!

We are featuring 10 new pages of Ian's action-packed fantasy adventure in our 2nd Anthology!

Saints & Sinners is a one shot 17 page comic from:

creator/writer: John Staats

illustrator: Gil Murillo

The pope has been taken captive by the Fallen and can only be saved by Saint Michael & his most loyal companions.

But who are the REAL players in this deadly game?

Book two is full!

But submissions are ALWAYS open here!