Heirs of Ashuradō

An original Tiny Power Manga from Gil Murillo

ch01 of Gil Murillo's

Heirs of Ashuradō

The Village in the Stone Forest

Tetsu will be graduating at the top of his class soon. He's worked hard & followed the rules, & never questions authority. His step-sister Rini has gone missing, as suddenly as she appeared all those years ago when Tetsu's father, the village chief, first took her in.

Assumed to have run away, & never having quite fit in to begin with, the villagers all go on with life as usual. The chief & his wife also seem to have turned a blind eye, however, Tetsu can't help but wonder just what has become of Rini.

In a village steeped in forbidden mystery & strict tradition, what will ignite a flame of motivation in a young, aloof-natured Tetsu to indulge his burning curiosity and suppressed desire for adventure?

In this inaugural chapter, 18 pages of black & white watercolor illustrated pages show us a bit of what life is like in the quaint Village in the Stone Forest, before it changes forever.

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The Official Heirs of Ashuradō


Elements from your favorite tabletop strategy card games mixed with the world of Ashuradō, it's characters, & it's lore all come together to bring you a totally different way to experience the Heirs of Ashuradō franchise & create your own story!

Skip ahead in the story & meet a broad range of outrageous characters trying to survive a life of constant battle on their home planet of Ashuradō. You'll make use of weapons, vehicles, maneuvers, all sorts of resources, & even the environment itself to overwhelm your opponent & come out ahead & alive!

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