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Think you have what it takes to be published with the big dogs?

Submit your 4, 8, or 12 page stories to Oneshi Press. They could be one-off short comics, pieces of larger graphic novels or series, short stories or poems told in images… Or anything else you can think up.


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Non-profit Indie Comic Anthology

Got a short story or comic (5-20 pages) and trying to find a publisher?




Maybe it’s a 0 issue or spinoff to your kickstarter/indiegogo book.

Maybe it’s a one-shot or even a teaser/preview of a book you’re still working on?

Submit your story and get it into an indie anthology available for sale right from this site!

It’s free to participate and secure your new spot in our submission library showcasing your individual story and URL/links, and our Store where anyone can order a print copy of any Tiny Power Anthology!

This may be your first story or book, if you wrote and illustrated a good story but dont have a ton of followers or huge fan base yet, BUT YOU CAN STILL GET IN AND GET NOTICED!

Tiny Power Comics intends to be your go-to indie publisher, see your story printed alongside other talented indie creators and gain an additional sales platform you can share with your fans!


Upload print-ready image files to your dropbox account or other file-sharing platform and create a SHARE LINK to the folder. The use the SUBMIT NOW button atop this page and fill out the submission form.

Participating for free will get you a print-ready pdf copy of the anthology download a complimentary digital copy of all future anthology books!

If you contribute $20 or more, you will be mailed a print copy of the book, free shipping too!


All creators will get an individual featured post in our submission library.

Every submission will be included in the order they’re received. After the 5th submission, subsequent entries will roll over to subsequent books. First book will be printed when we reach the 5 minimum entries, there will be no deadline.

All Tiny Power Anthology books will be available for sale ‘at-cost’ on this site, shipping not included. Orders will be fulfilled when the minimum 25 orders have been placed.

Maximum 5 entries per issue. A 6th may be added if final page count is under 30 pages.

Creators can request to withdraw and be refunded their entry fee contribution at any time before the first print run is ordered.

Creators may substitute their dropbox link if necessary for edits etc, simply contact admin at GILTHEARTIST@GMAIL.COM.

There are no content restrictions, however, comics in poor taste (blatant hate speech, hardcore gratuitous pornography, political propoganda etc) will not be accepted.

Page count exceptions to the 5-20 page rule will be made on a case by case basis, at the discretion of admin.

After creators fill out the submission form completely, admin will email you within 48 hours.

Any undefined print specifications will be considered at the discretion of the admin (2 page spreads etc). There will be an opportunity to review the formatted pdf and request

Creators who live outside the USA will be responsible for their own shipping minus a $10 deductible.

Only completed, readable comics will be accepted. State of completion may be subjective but is not grounds for rejection. Admin will work with you and point out precisely which aspects to address in order to be accepted.

If you have a question you feel should be on this FAQ, please contact the admin.